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Project Description

In support of poor communities in sustainable development, with particular focus on women Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA) started implementation of the project “Building local capacities in environmental protection and utilization of renewable energy resources.”

The project contributes to global climate action by developing and employing renewable energy technologies, rising awareness about the causes, implications and possible mitigations measures of climate change and promoting equal participation of women and men in environmental decision making process. The project provides a solution to access of poor households of 7 communities to alternative, low cost energy resources (solar and biomass) that reduce expenditure of their users to cover energy needs , thus potentially increasing the incomes, improving  the quality of life and reducing  health burden.

The objectives of the project are: 1.Supporting the communities in decreasing environmental degradation                                              – soil erosion through employing methods of battling soil erosion – Reforestation and Crop Rotation. 2. Supporting of communities to utilize renewable energy resources through construction and installation  of water solar heaters , fuel efficient stoves and solar dryers for fruits and vegetables   and  Providing an Alternative to Cutting Trees for Wood for Heating and Cooking through: (i). Promotion and Construction and demonstration briquette machines for production of fuel-briquettes from agricultural residues and, (ii). Promotion and demonstration of device for destructive distillation of laurel tree off-cuts.

Project Details